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The Linc Shop
Quality is not an optional extra. It is a standard

Sunnyside, Glasgow Road, Clydebank
Tel: 0151 334 1150, Mobile: 0771 258 5840,
WebMaster: Jamie

What's New?

Simple but effective designs to help promote your business or service. As it is our philosophy never to sell a product or service that we are not 100% sure we can deliver then we currently do not do online shops etc that require online payments. We donít take risks with your business.

Web Design

When you are trying to display the merits of a product or service then you need high quality digital photographs. These are then ready for your web site. We have the facilities to take these photographs and the software to manipulate them up. We can resize, crop, improve, stitch etc.

Digital Imaging

Advertising Material

CD Creation

We can design advertising material such as brochures and flyers. These can be provided in PDF format for printing companies. We can also do short run printing and lamination.

All of the services we provide can be produced on CD. This is especially useful for the photographs as the images are of such high quality - each one is too big for a floppy disk!.