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The Linc Shop
Quality is not an optional extra. It is a standard

Sunnyside, Glasgow Road, Clydebank
Tel: 0151 334 1150, Mobile: 0771 258 5840,
WebMaster: Jamie

Unisys Linc

We provide Programming, Analysis, Training, Staff and Code Quality Assessment.

Linc Programming and Analysis

Linc development expertise to help build your system. This can be one of the Unisys tailored packages Unisure, LFMS, Octagon or any bespoke Linc system. All variations of Linc from A-Series to lda.

Linc Training

We have training courses to teach your staff how to develop Linc systems. These are in A-series and lda format. See Training for more details.

Quality Assessment

We can provide comprehensive tests to check the skill levels of your staff and provide feedback on areas that require extra training. This can be tailored to the needs of your site.