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Quality is not an optional extra. It is a standard

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Digital Images

Whether itís Images for a web site, advertising document or online pdf file we can take high quality digital images. These can be transferred to pc to be manipulated in our graphics software. Your images are then ready to be written to CD or to be used to produce your publication or web site.

The following photographs show the quality of the images.

Resized to :
300x225 pixels (17Kb)

Full size :
2272x1704 pixels (2171Kb)

Resized to :
1136x852 pixels (226Kb)

Click on an image above to see the image. Note that the larger files may take some time to download on a 56K connection. In order to see these images your colour settings in your control panel must be set high or the images will appear poor quality or appear blocky - see your user manual for instructions.

Digital images can be stitched together (see above) or manipulated in may other ways - crop, correct etc..

Sample Images