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The Linc Shop
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Sunnyside, Glasgow Road, Clydebank
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Unisys Linc

The Linc Shop now has training courses for Unisys Linc on A-Series, Unix, and LDA. The courses have been extensively re-written during 2002 and can go up to Linc17 and LDA version 3.2. Click lda or host or contact us for more details.

Course Duration 2-3 weeks on client site.

Basic Computer Usage and Microsoft Products

These courses are tailored to individual needs. Please contact us for details.

Course Duration - Dependant on requirements

Introduction to A-Series

The basics of using an A-Series machine. From logging on to monitoring jobs and the use of the cande editor.

Course Duration 3 Day

Ergo (Unisys DMSII)

The database inquiry and update tool for the A-Series. This course has been specifically tailored to the needs of the Linc environments and the developers of Linc systems, concentrating on inquiry and update.